Back to Where I Started

My New Year’s resolution came to me fairly easy this year. I decided to re-try my resolution from the year before… how creative of me.

I wanted to get back in shape. But not just physical shape – mental shape, spiritual shape, and basically shape my life into a balanced one. One where I felt in control.

I knew if I was going to be successful with my resolution this year I would need to do something different. In the past, I would always have great success’ in small spurts and then spiral out of control just as quickly. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. After hitting rock bottom, it would seem SO hard to get back on my horse and feel like I was winning again. I wanted to feel that feeling again so badly, but felt like something stood between me and the person I wanted to be.

Thats when it came to me.

The first Sunday after New Years I attended a church service where they talked about “Core Strength”. They made a lot of references about working out and how you can’t work on one part of your body without exercising your core. Being a life long athlete, this was a pretty easy concept for me to grasp.

The preacher then took the service away from working out and replaced it with God. He explained how God is at the center of our core. We can’t expect to be successful or fulfilled in all aspects of our life without including God in the process.

He went on to further explain how most people separate their faith from their work life, their home life, their physical shape, their social endeavors, etc. If God is at our core, he should play a part in every part of our life.

And in that instant it hit me like a ton of bricks. God is what I needed to get back into shape. God is what I needed to have a balanced life. And just like that I prayed. Prayed for Him to help me stay motivated, focussed and most importantly – in control. I was unhappy and wanted to be the best version of me. For Him!

For the next 6 months I was more committed to a healthy lifestyle than ever before. It was no coincidence that in those months I felt the most happiness, in control and proud to be me then ever before. The more connected I was to God, the more control I had over my life.

I am re-learning this process all over again as I begin this blog because in the past two month I had the reverse happen.

Summertime hit. I was so distracted by traveling and having “fun” that I drifted from my routine of going to church. I sustained an ankle fracture that lead to me falling off my gym streak. That lead to eating like crap again. And here I am left feeling overwhelmed and out of control.

This week a fire lit in me and I was ready to get back on my horse. I knew I had fallen off, but this time I knew why. I made a list of all the things I wanted to change / All the things I missed  – and now I have a starting point. *This list making process is something I’ll talk further about in another post, but it is the HEART of my strategy for Intentional Living.

Tonight I participated in my first ever bible study. I was smiling from ear to ear as I heard things only God would know I needed to hear. Tomorrow I’m back in the Gym. Thursday I’m back on my healthy eating. And by Friday, I’ll be back in control.

I’m back where I started, but at least I know what to do from here.






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